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Our Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering employees help protect Citi, its clients, and the financial system.What progress will you make? Our international footprint will give you access to unique intelligence and decades of experience. And by joining our Anti-Money Laundering team one of the most international areas at Citi you will touch every aspect of the company and make critical decisions for our clients, for your career, for every employee, and for the business. Get inspired and hear what employees who started their careers in Anti-Money Laundering have to say about Citi. Lucie AML Compliance Risk Management Officer Tenure at Citi: 3 years How does your role/department impact the larger organization? AML Compliance Risk Management touches all business lines, including our retail and institutional franchises, markets, and operations. Our team acts as a guide for the business to support their goals while complying with their global and local AML obligations. How did you begin a career in Compliance/AML? I fell into AML when I was working for another financial institution as a support person for a Relationship Manager, which included KYC support. Very quickly the KYC/AML component took over the role, and I decided to develop my expertise in AML by obtaining formal AML qualifications (ACAMS, AFMA AML/CTF diploma). What does your day-to-day job entail and what do you like most about it? There is a lot of variety as I have an advisory role, which essentially means that I provide advice to the business on ML/TF/sanctions risks in connection to what they do. We sit on many governance meetings held by various business lines, and also have business meetings on a specific client or product where AML oversight is required. Our function also reviews a lot of documents, including KYC escalations, policies, and procedural documents, and any exception to these must be approved by our team. What do you enjoy most about your role? I really enjoy the variety in the role and the fact we have so many internal stakeholders. There are lots of opportunities to learn about banking products and operations. What skill set does someone working in this kind of area need? Technical knowledge of the AML regulatory and risks environment and understanding how payments/banking products work is essential. Good analytical and writing skills are also important, as we write and review a lot of data and documents. I find it valuable to be inquisitive part of our job is to ask a lot of questions to understand what you are being asked to provide advice on. Finally, creating positive relationships with stakeholders is beneficial, as we need to engage, challenge, and develop a sense of trust with the business to achieve a true partnership. What advice would you give to someone looking to break into a career in AML? The AML sector is a competitive one, as it is in high demand as more focus is placed on AML compliance. Having AML-related qualifications such as the ACAMS certification, qualifications in financial crimes or AML helps. Where can a career at Citi take you? As Citi is global bank, it is possible to transfer to other roles in our regional hubs or even at global head office in the US! What makes Citi a good place to work? What I like about working at Citi is the fast-paced environment; there is always something going on. Citi offers me flexibility and is supportive of my work-life balance. I also like the little perks such as company discounts and the free gym! Nuri Operational Risk Manager/ AML M&I Managers Control Assessment (MCA) Program Lead Tenure at Citi: 7 years Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background? I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1982. I graduated from International Relations, holding a master s degree in Political Science from University of Warsaw. Before moving to Poland in 2009, I taught several courses in different universities and worked in different civil society organizations. I joined the Citi in 2011 as an AML analyst. I am an open person. I encourage and value diversity. Luckily, I had the chance to experience different cultures from my early ages, which gave me the chance to see more and more. I can call myself a bike addict. After learning how to ride a bike at age 32 (special thanks go to my beloved wife), I am trying to use bike on every occasion. How does your role/department impact the larger organization? My department is responsible for governance of the Managers Control Assessment process for all AML monitoring and investigations functions, which is the medium mechanism for the company to execute their controls. Our coverage is global. How did you begin a career in Compliance/AML? I started as an AML analyst. I am native Turkish and, at that time, CSC Poland was looking for Turkish speakers for a migration on AML monitoring from Turkey to Poland. What does your day-to-day job entail and what do you like most about it? My current position is a self-contributor role. On my day-to-day work, I need to ensure that all required reports are generated on time and shared with the senior management. Since our program is the main control program within Citi, it is critical that reports are produced correctly and delivered in timely manner. What do you enjoy most about your role? I like to speak with different people all around the globe. Moreover, my role allows me to have insight into all processes in functions supported by us. The exposure to the whole AML environment gives me a helicopter view of the AML Department. At the same time I have the opportunity to see the details of all teams and processes, which allows me to gain a greater knowledge and perspective on AML in Citi. What skill set does someone working in this kind of area need? You need to have analytical skills. You need to be open and have a transparent approach. Since you are going to be in contact with several people all around the globe, you need to be patient. It would be beneficial to be self-initiator and persistent. Sense of ownership is valuable as well; any idea, even the best, can be forgotten if not driven with confidence. What advice would you give to someone looking to break into a career in AML? Be focused, be analytical, be innovative, and continue challenging during your investigations. Own your initiatives and don t limit yourself. Try to understand and learn more about the organization while improving your network among different departments. Where can a career at Citi take you? I want to give an example here to show you the scale of the opportunity. My Belarusian direct report moved to Poland to study and then got employed by Citi as an AML analyst. He moved forward in his career and he got a position in the AML Quality Assurance team. He was sent to Geneva for 3 months assignment to support the process. He was very successful, hence was offered a position there. That meant he was to be the very first QA team member there. After two successful years in that position, he moved to a compliance role with a promotion. What makes Citi a good place to work? Citi is good place to work due to several reasons. It is truly a multi-cultural organization. Regardless of your position, you are always in touch with people from all around the world. That leads us to the second reason. Citi is truly a global organization, having locations and branches in many countries. Having those two major properties, Citi is one of the best employers, offering almost limitless development opportunities to its employees. This is just a small example from the huge Citi world; therefore, Citi is not only a good, but a great place to work! Do you take part in any volunteering, special programs, or leadership development opportunities and/or participate in any Employee Networks? It is pivotal and highly encouraged to any Citi employee to be active and use opportunities provided by Citi. Personally, I have actively participated in the volunteering week for the last 5 years. I had the chance to attend several self-development courses and special programs. I have completed many Citi course trainings offered to me. I was also selected in 2016 to participate in I Lead AVP program, which is a special curriculum for high-performance AVPs from various business functions who are gathered and given assignments to real applicability projects with the task of proposing solutions. I co-chair Citi Pride Network for CSC Poland. At the moment of filling this questionnaire, our network is still under establishment, but surely not for much longer! I also take active roles in Poland disABILITY and Poland Multicultural employee networks. Przemyslaw FIU Senior Manager (VP) Tenure at Citi: 3 years Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background? I have over 9 years of experience in management. I joined Citi in 2014 as a Manager in Global Screening Operations. At the beginning, I was responsible for team supporting MENA countries and, after a year, took a lead for team supporting NAM processes. In April 2017, I moved to FIU NAM Warsaw on FIU Sr. Manager position. I am responsible for GCB LOB. I graduated Management in Warsaw School of Economics (specialization, Human Resources Management) with a master s degree. In 2016, I obtained ICA International Advanced Certificate in AML issued by International Compliance Association. How does your role/department impact the larger organization? My department is responsible for transaction monitoring. Our main responsibility is to mitigate the risk of laundering money and terrorist financing. How did you begin a career in Compliance/AML? Before I joined Citi, I read a lot about the global issue of money laundering and I decided to continue my career in this area. Additionally, I met a person who recommended Citi as a great employer. When I noticed that Citi in Poland has AML department, the choice was simpler. What does your day-to-day job entail and what do you like most about it? I am responsible for six teams that monitor transaction for GCB clients in NAM. The thing I like most is the cooperation with people and looking for improvements in current process. What do you enjoy most about your role? As I mentioned earlier, contact with people and looking for improvements. Additionally, I like that each day there are new challenges; therefore, my work is never boring. What skill set does someone working in this kind of area need? Ability to manage and develop people. What advice would you give to someone looking to break into a career in AML? Even if you don t have experience in AML, don t be afraid apply! We will teach you how to be a great expert in AML. Where can a career at Citi take you? Sky is the limit. In AML, you have a chance to learn many things from AML process by reporting to managing people. Everything depends on you how you want to use this knowledge. What makes Citi a good place to work? Atmosphere, open-minded people, many opportunities to develop, and many interesting challenges every day. Rose Lead Investigation Risk Analyst - VP Tenure at Citi: 9 years Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background? I ve been with Citi for nine years, seven of those with AML. I ve worked several different roles within AML over the years, including production support, operations management, and data intelligence. My current role is to apply AML data and investigation subject matter expertise to analyzing trends in case attributes, to help improve the AML monitoring systems. Outside of work, I am currently pursuing my master s degree in Business Analytics. How does your role/department impact the larger organization? My team provides long-term trend analysis to support improvements to the overall AML monitoring program. This impacts Citi as a whole by ensuring we meet our regulatory and stakeholder commitments to have a robust, efficient AML program. How did you begin a career in Compliance/AML? Prior to working in AML I had worked in mortgage documentation review and check fraud monitoring. Due to my experience in risk management and my technical skills, I was hired to the production support team for AML. What does your day-to-day job entail and what do you like most about it? My day is usually split between preparing analyses for presentation and meeting with senior management/compliance officers to share our findings. What do you enjoy most about your role? There s always something new to learn in AML. What skill set does someone working in this kind of area need? Since my role is focused on data manipulation and presentation, a strong skill set in SQL, SAS, Excel, PowerPoint, and other manipulation and presentation tools is necessary. As far as soft skills, being self-motivated, good organization skills, and an inquisitive mind. Where can a career at Citi/AML take you? Anywhere! There are tons of opportunity across Citi s many offices and lines of business. What makes Citi a good place to work? Citi has a great culture that emphasizes work-life balance and a wide range of opportunities for personal growth. Quote Citi has an inclusive, diverse culture that promotes working with local communities and charitable giving. Flexible work schedules and good benefits. AML Analyst, St. Louis, MO Quote Great training in state of the art technology & methodology. Supportive and positive reinforcement from upper management. Great opportunities for bilateral and upward career growth within the organization. Senior AML Compliance Analyst, Tampa FL Quote Good place to gain broad exposure in KYC and AML compliance. Senior Compliance Analyst, New York NY Quote Citi has is such a large, global company that the possibilities are endless when it comes to advancing your career. There are many different ways to learn about each specific area of the business and this prepares you for your next role or even your next company. Citi offers a variety of benefits and resources to help you live well. Use them to invest in yourself, including your health, future, and well-being. Living well is about more than good physical health. It's about your financial well-being, too. That's why we offer a variety of resources to help you save and be well in all aspects of your life. Healthcare Your Citi health benefits are a valuable part of the rewards of working at Citi. Specific coverage varies by country. Insurance Citi provides a basic level of life insurance coverage, as well as the opportunity to enroll in additional coverage. Retirement Savings Citi s retirement programs enable you to make a plan for retirement and support you in achieving your savings goals. Well-being Your Citi benefits include programs intended to help you improve your health and reduce healthcare costs. As the primary face-off to the business, the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Risk Management Global Consumer Bank (GCB) Retail, Mortgage and Holdings Head draws on deep AML expertise, strong risk management skills and applicable business knowledge to actively identify, assess and manage AML risk across Citi s clients, products and geographies.This individual acts as an effective and trusted information source to the business on AML laws, regulations, policies and practices and works with other AML partners on the design, development, and refinement of the Citi AML Program.Working collaboratively with both the first and third lines of defense to execute the AML program effectively, this second line of defense function provides oversight through appropriate controls and escalation framework. This individual is responsible for assessing complex issues, structuring potential solutions and driving to effective resolution with senior business stakeholders.The role translates AML strategy and goals across Citi s clients, products and geographies, providing direction and guidance on the program. AML Risk Management works proactively with the business to achieve solutions, with the ability and confidence to demonstrate credible challenge challenging management, escalating issues and pressing for change while highlighting and emphasizing this critical role as the second line of defense. Job Responsibilities: Provide AML guidance to the Global Consumer Bank Retail, Mortgage & Holdings businesses globally to assist in identification and mitigation of AML risk and drive increased understanding of and accountability for AML risks.This includes the following: Serve as a key risk management thought leader for Citi for AML matters relevant to the GCBRetail, Mortgage & Holdings business lines. Set, develop, and implement strategic AML risk management direction for these businessgroups globally. Maintain sufficient understanding of the products and services to recognize AML risks and vulnerabilities and opportunities to leverage aspects of overall compliance programs for efficient and effective risk coverage. Review and assess new products and services in the Retail, Mortgage & Holdings businesses inherent AML risk and determine that an appropriate control is established and operational prior to implementation. Develop, implement, enhance and draft relevant AML policies and procedures for theRetail, Mortgage & Holdings businesses designed to manage inherent risk of the business or activity within the firm s risk tolerance. Work proactively with the business to achieve solutions while demonstrating credible challenge when and where necessary. Challenge management, escalate issues and press for change while highlighting and emphasizing the role as the second line of defense. Review, address and escalate significant AML/Sanctions issues and activities to senior management. Understand and monitor the legal, regulatory and industry practices environment; provide up-to-date knowledge and expertise relevant to AML compliance and the Global Retail, Mortgage & Holdings businesses. Liaise with US and foreign regulators and Citi internal audit staff for AML matters, as appropriate, including coordinating AML-related examinations, audit and reviews, document production, and issue responses. Ensure there is adequate AML training provided to the Retail, Mortgage & Holdings business employees, and, as needed, participate in the design and delivery of training as required to inform employees of the objectives of AML Program areas and the standards necessary to satisfy them. Work closely with AML Core program pillar leaders to develop appropriate AML controls and standards, implement and execute them within both the program framework and technology applications as necessary to maintain and enhance the Retail, Mortgage & Holdings business lines AML program elements. Manage a staff of AML professionals to accomplish the group s goals and objectives; invest in the development of all team members. Serve as AML Representative to Senior Governance meetings for the Global GCB Retail, Mortgage & Holdings businesses including the New Product Approval Committee.Represent Citi as appropriate to external audiences through conferences, industry roundtable groups or participation in public / private partnership initiatives. Serve on the AML Governance and Business Risk Committee (GBRC) and participate in Business and Compliance committees or working groups as appropriate. Qualifications 10+ years of experience in AML compliance, legal or other control-related function in the financial services industry; experience with a regulatory body a plus Excellent written, verbal and analytical skills; strong communication and presentation skills with the ability to articulate complex problems and solutions through crisp and clear messaging Significant knowledge and expertise of AML regulations, risks and typologies Demonstrated ability to assess complex issues through root cause analysis and other analytic techniques, structure potential solutions, and drive to resolution with senior stakeholders Experience with and previous exposure to internal control functions and regulators within the US; particularly banking and AML regulators Demonstrated ability and confidence to challenge business management, escalate issues and press for change.Comfort with creative tension across different lines of defense while maintaining professionalism and a shared goal of quality growth Experience in the design and implementation of AML programs Ability to influence and lead people across cultures at a senior level using sound judgment and successful execution, understanding how to operate effectively across diverse businesses
Associated topics: analysis, analyst, appraisal, appraiser, consultant, marketing, marketing representative, market trend, real estate analyst, researcher

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